January 9, 2008

Shopping for Insurance Online

Today more people are shopping online. Clothes, electronics and other consumer goods. But what about insurance? You bet. The number of online insurance shopping websites increase each month. Some sites are merely bait sites. These sites take your information and sell them to one or more insurance agents. Insurance agents purchase this information from these companies for $10 - $30 each. It's a numbers game for the salesman and a guaranteed revenue source for the online lead brokerage. Before you know it - multiple agents are calling you and requesting appointments to sit in your living room or across your kitchen table.

True online insurance brokerage firms usually are operated by professionals. You can easily check their credentials through the state department of insurance. Most have an insurance active insurance practice in his/her community. Others sell online, offering competitive product information. A good online insurance brokerage firm uses complex quoting engines that will shop the insurance marketplace and arm the shopper with competitive rates, plan descriptions and online comparisons from numerous insurance companies. Many times you can even download an application, or apply online. In California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas, you can shop, compare and apply online for affordable health, life and disability insurance coverage from the original QuoteBroker.