February 26, 2008

Insurance for pet lovers

We all love our pet's, some more than others. This article is written for the person that would take all measures available to save their cat - dog if they became ill or were in an accident.

An increasingly popular insurance plan for pet owners is "Pet Insurance". Although this concept has been around for years, it was always difficult to find a plan that would actually pay a benefit, or would remain in business. We have found a company that we love and refer our business to, called "Pets Best Insurance".

Pets Best offers you a choice of plans to protect you and your pet from unexpected veterinary bills caused by illnesses, accidents or injuries. They even offer optional coverage to help to pay for routine care.Each Pets Best plan reimburses a straightforward 80% (after your deductible - most plan deductibles are $50-$300) for vet visits including emergency visits, treatments, lab tests, surgeries, and prescription medicines - up to the dollar limit of the plan you choose. Dollar limits range from $42,000 to $100,000. No complicated benefit schedule; no restrictions on your choice of veterinarian; no restrictions or set limits on diagnostics or recommended treatment, no pre-authorization processes to go through. Their contract language is straight forward and applying for coverage is an online 3 step process. There are also no pet age limits, which many of their competitors do.

To learn more, visit
www.petsbest.com/CA004 or call 866-405-3647 and talk with their Call Center and give them this special Promotional Code = ID CA004