March 24, 2008

Planning for Long Term Care is a Necessity

As the US population is aging, increased life expectancy is creating a greater need for Long Term Care planning. Long Term Care insurance should be addressed when reviewing your overall retirement plan strategy. In addition to protecting your assets, your plan should consider the increased possibility that you will need quality long term care.

Only you can determine your future care. You can not rely on the Federal Government or your children to take responsibility, therefore proper planning is essential.

Where do you want to be if you require long term care? A state ran facility, a private care facility or possibly at home? Maybe you and your spouse select an "assisted living" facility.

Buying Long Term Care (LTC) insurance when you can afford it is the key. At a younger age, you will likely qualify for lower rates, allowing you to purchase a higher daily benefit. Some LTC policies allow for you to pay for premiums for ten years, or until you are 65.

For more information about Long Term Care planning, contact QuoteBroker or your states department of insurance website.