March 11, 2008

Realtors without health insurance equal to National average

In 2007 the National Association of Realtors (NAR) testified before the Senate Finance Committee that about 30% of NAR members lack health insurance. 84% of Realtors without health insurance sited that they do not have coverage because the can't afford it.

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately one-third or approximately 47 million Americans went without any coverage during the entire year of 2006. Additionally, almost 90 million people went without any health insurance coverage at one point between 2007-2007.

The middle class had the most serious impact, as families accounted for the majority of American's without coverage. Woman are also less likely than men to go without coverage, as woman's health insurance premiums tend to be more expensive. Women are less likely to fill prescriptions or seek treatment siting their inability to pay.

This author suggests that anyone without coverage should look at all available alternatives, including higher deductible plans that allow for routine coverage for a small fee, without first having to satisfy the deductible. There are many companies that will pay for a limited number of office visits, annual physicals or OBGYN visits, including necessary lab work. For your children, consider looking into a state sponsored program such as Healthy Families. It is possible to receive quality care from some of the top insurance companies for $5 to $15 dollars per month. And don't think you have to be poor to qualify. These plans are not the governments Medicaid program and are designed for middle America.

Also consider using online health insurance quoting services, such as QuoteBroker. You can instantly compare different insurance companies plans, features and premiums online, without any "sales jibber". Once you select a plan, you can apply online or usually download a paper application for processing.