May 16, 2008

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance is no free ride to employees.

A Seattle actuarial firm studied the costs for a family of 4 participating in an employer sponsored preferred provider plan and the results were an annual family expenditure of $15,609. This was up 7.6% from the preceding year.

These figures were based on a typical family that will pay this amount in out of pocket health care costs for Rx drugs, Dr. Visits, Annual Deductibles and Co-payments. After studying 14 major U.S. Regions, the study concluded that the most expensive market was Miami, FL and the least expensive market was Phoenix, AZ.

It is my opinion that these figures will increase as more employer's attempt to reduce their employee benefit costs by selecting new lower priced
health insurance plans that shift many of the health care costs to the employee. New health insurance plans are now being offered that limit doctor visits to 2 or 3 visits a year, plus free or low cost annual screenings for physicals and well women's check ups. Additional office visit charges will be incurred by the employee.

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