May 12, 2008

Low Cost Health Insurance plan introduced by Anthem Blue Cross

Each year, California Health Insurance companies introduce new individual and family plans to the marketplace. Many of these plans are based on successful health insurance products that are currently being offered by their competitors - but always with a twist.

2008 is no different. For the spring collection of products, Anthem Blue Cross seems to be the flavor of the month offering their new SmartSense health insurance plan.
SmartSense is a smart choice for clients looking for:
  • Low monthly rates
  • Full medical benefits
  • Choice of annual deductible options, ranging from $500 to $5,000
  • Immediate benefits for first three visits to a doctor
  • Choice of comprehensive or generic only prescription drug benefits
  • Access to one of California's largest PPO networks
  • No need for maternity benefits
  • Up to $7,000,000 per member in lifetime benefits

What’s Different About SmartSense? To begin Anthem Blue Cross offers embedded (family) deductibles that make it easier for families to satisfy their deductible requirement:

  • Once any family member meets their single deductible, their deductible is satisfied
    After one family member’s single deductible is satisfied, the family deductible can be met by one or more family members
  • Fourth quarter carry-over deductible feature
  • Separate in-network and out-of-network out-of-pocket maximums
  • No $500 per admittance charge for inpatient services or outpatient services related to surgery or infusion therapy at a participating hospital

To maintain the lowest rates possible, the following rating criteria are being used:

  • Gender rating (male vs. female)
  • Single age bands
  • For one-member contracts, there is one set of rates; for two or more members on a contract, there is a discounted rate

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