June 1, 2008

Employee Benefits - New benefits you can implement for free

An adequate employee benefit program is essential in business today, no matter what size company you own. Affordable health insurance and other group insurance programs are a necessary tool for attracting new employees and retaining current ones. In fact, when it comes to employee retention, benefits can make or break their company spirit. Certainly new employees consider benefits to be a decisive factor when it comes to evaluating new job opportunities.

Employee benefits like health insurance, life insurance and retirement plans can be costly, which is why almost all small employers share the costs with their employees. Another option for keeping costs in check is to offer a more modest benefits package. Basic health insurance and dental, don't have to be expensive.

Voluntary benefits have never been more popular than they are today. Employers are "sponsoring" - not "paying for" additional benefits for their employees. For example; you may have several employees that would like to purchase life insurance, but they could not normally qualify for a plan with reasonable premiums, due to their health status. You could offer a small group life insurance or disability plan that employees can buy without having to qualify medically. (check around for participation requirements, as many companies require a percentage of all eligible employees to participate). If you have not looked at Group Life insurance rates - do. If you have a small company, you will most likely decide to pay for the group premium. Dental, Long Term Care and Disability insurance are other types of voluntary benefit programs. These programs are "feel good" benefits that don't have to cost you a dime. For greater participation, implement a Cafeteria 125 plan that allows employees to pay for their benefits before tax and through automatic payroll deduction.

In these economic hard times, many employers are looking to cut benefits. Instead, shop around for better benefits and premiums. Insurance providers are also fighting to retain their book of business. They don't want to loose you. QuoteBroker allows small businesses to shop for insurance online, or work directly with an employee benefit specialist that can often negotiate better premium rates and plan features. Start today by calling (800) 783-0802 x 711