July 31, 2008

Healthy Families Program for Kids

The California Healthy Families program provides comprehensive, low cost health insurance, dental and vision coverage to children under age 19.

To qualify for the program, the child(ren) must:
** Live in California
** Are US citizens or qualified immigrants
** Are not enrolled in nor eligible for no-cost Medi-Cal
** Were not covered in the past 3 months in employer-sponsored insurance
** Meet certain family income guidelines (very liberal) Medi-cal is for the poor

Monthly premiums depend on the familiy size and health plan selected. Monthly premiums will range from $4 to $15 per child, but will not exceed $45 per family. There are No Deductibles.

Co-payments are low: $5 for office visits, ER and prescription drugs. Well visits and all well baby care under 24 months of age, have no copays. Family out-of-pocket copayment maximums for a benefit year are a low $250.

Program Benefits include:
* Office Visits
* Prescription Drugs
* Laboratory work and x-ray services
* Health exams and check-up's
* Hospital and ER services
* Immunizations
* Well-baby care
* Mental and Substance abuse services
* Vision and Dental coverages

These plans are offered by California's most popular carriers, which may vary by county.

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