August 15, 2008

Politics and Your Health Insurance Premiums

With California facing a budget deficit of more than $15 billion dollars, the Governor is calling for tougher Medi-Cal eligibility requirements and reduced rates paid to your healthcare providers. You might ask, "how does this affect me"?

Any changes that leave more California residents without health insurance coverage, will require providers to make up this financial short fall by charging individuals with health insurance coverage more for rendered services. In turn, the insurance companies will pass these increases to you - the consumer.

California already has over 6 million uninsured people, not including the millions that are under insured. Published reports suggest that the Governor's cut-backs will result in an additional 1 million uninsured, resulting in an estimated annual premium increase of $290 per family to cover the new uninsured.

We recommend periodically shopping for new health insurance several times a year. New
affordable health insurance plans are constantly being introduced into the marketplace and there seenms to always be a "flavor of the month". In today's marketplace Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna and Blue Shield offer some of the best health plans for the money. Next year it might be someone else. Shop online and keep current of new rates being introduced.