September 25, 2008

Healthcare Reform Unlikely in "09"

The last two weeks financial crisis has Washington insiders expressing their concerns that there will not be any significant health care reform in the next year or beyond. Some political strategists have suggested that we may see "baby steps" or small health reform changes over the next twelve months.

Meanwhile the House Ways and Means Committee has introduced a Health Information technology bill that will encourage insurance providers to invest in electronic systems. These systems will be necessary to better improve the customer and insurance carriers need to provide accurate and vital information. Such a measure will especially be useful in potentially cutting the cost of prescription medications by avoiding over prescribing medications if more than one healthcare provider is used, as well as providing the ability to share information to provide better medical care.

Online insurance broker's have already started to adapt to the new technology wave by allowing individuals the opportunity to shop for affordable health insurance plans online, using the same information systems that were formally only available to insurance insiders. Instantly shop, quote and compare plans online 24/7. There is even a feature to allow you to apply online or download a paper application.