February 19, 2010

California - Anthem Blue Cross delays rate increase

Many of you have heard Anthem's name in the news lately and the negative backlash from policy holders and the State's Insurance Commissioner regarding their March 1, 2010 rate increases.

This week Anthem announced that they would delay implementing rate adjustments after releasing the following statement. Quote:" Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company has agreed to a request by the California Department of Insurance to postpone our March 1, 2010 rates to May 1, 2010, pending an additional third-party review. The review will be conducted by Axene Health Partners, LLC, retained by the California Department of Insurance. While we have already conducted an independent third-party review, we welcome the additional scrutiny by the commissioner and are confident that our rates will continue to reflect anticipated medical costs and are established consistent with actuarial principles and state law. In order to avoid confusion, we are also delaying the implementation of the rate increases for individual medical plans offered by Anthem Blue Cross".
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