June 17, 2010

Delta Dental Premier Open Enrollment

Delta Dental remains the most requested Dental plan, however most individuals are limited to participating in the Delta DMO plan (specific dentists). In order to see your own dentist, you will need to have a Delta PPO or Delta Premier program. These plans are usually only available to groups (10 or more W-2 employees).

Until now, most self employed individuals and independent contractors (1099), especially REALTORS, were limited to participating in their association sponsored insurance carriers plan, or had to purchase individual coverage.

Recently we have learned about a new program called Dental For Everyone . This plan is available to self employed individuals, small groups and independent contractors. Open enrollment is year round, allows you to use any dentist and rates are based on geographical area, not age. This link will also take you to a great additional benefit. Individuals can now participate in VSP Vision programs, a national vision program with participating department stores, specialty optometrists and vision chain retailers.

If you have been looking for a quality Dental insurance provider - Delta Dental remains one of the countries most popular carriers. For affordable California health insurance quotes, visit QuoteBroker Insurance Services at http://www.quotebroker.com