June 10, 2010

Introducing Consult A Doctor

What is consult A Doctor?

The American Medical Association indicates that 60-70% of all non emergency doctor office visits could be handled by phone, saving the patient both time and money. Consult A Doctor provides individuals access to a licensed and highly credentialed U.S. Doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.

You can discuss your medical symptoms, receive a diagnoses, treatment suggestions and medication if needed. This service is very inexpensive at $79 year - $89 year depending on the size of your household. These rates are NOT per person. You can not afford to go without this valuable benefit option.

You can call anytime to discuss your questions, however we recommend making an appointment. A physician assistant will usually call you and collect your medical information in advance and the doctor will be available shortly thereafter. Consult a Doctor guarantees an appointment within 3 hours, however our staff has used this service and received both the assistant and doctor call within 45 minutes. Consult A Doctor is perfect for;
  • After hour and weekend care
  • Business Travelers
  • Students
  • Busy households
  • Individuals with insurance that limits office visits or
  • Insurance plans with high deductibles
  • Young families with infant children
  • Individuals that have difficulty taking time off work
  • Anyone that would otherwise avoid the doctor because of price or doesn't want to wait for appointments
Visit http://www.associationbenefitmarketing.com/ for a flash demo and additional information on how to enroll in this special benefit option.