July 24, 2010

Group Health Insurance Premiums Expected to rise 9%

California Health Insurance News:

Employers’ health-care costs are projected to increase by 9% next year (according to PricewaterhouseCoopers), and so they are looking for ways to economize on health insurance. (That same survey found that 42% of employers plan to increase health-care contributions from employees to help cover those higher costs.)

New employer plans, especially in the small business marketplace are choosing “leaner products where employers are very focused on managing their overall costs”. “Lean” is basically used to describe lower-cost plans with higher deductibles or that otherwise focus on covering catastrophic coverage and first dollar wellness benefits.

Shopping for Group Health Insurance has never been easier. Online quoting systems like Quotebroker allow employers to shop all popular plans in the state within minutes. Once a plan is selected, you may enroll online or call for assistance.