October 13, 2010

Morning Headline Roundup for 10/13/2010

Let's see what's making headlines in the healthcare industry today, October 13, 2010.

  • 73 indicted in healthcare scam... that targeted Medicare providers by issuing false and unnecessary claims.  As America works to reform its healthcare system for those pre-Medicare age, this serves as a stark reminder of the pitfalls of a potential single payer system.
  • In a reversal from their earlier held position, some Democrats are touting health care reform in their campaigning. Previously this was thought to be a poor strategy as public opinion of healthcare reform continues to sour.
  • And finally, while not a headline from today, the San Francisco Chronicle breaks down the decision of many top California insurers to stop offering child-only policies.  An unpopular position certainly, but given the adverse risk in play, also understandable.  The fear that parents will wait until care is needed and then purchase insurance for high-cost procedures is real.  The current system has no remedy for this, which the equivalent of purchasing auto insurance after you crash your car.