October 5, 2011

2012 Health Savings Accounts Limits Released

The 2012 maximum annual amount that can be contributed to a Health Savings Account is:
  • Individual HSA limit is $3,100
  • Family HSA limit is $6,250
  • Annual catch up for individuals over age 55 remains to be an additional $1,000
The HSA limit in 2012 for High Deductible Health Plans have not changed from 2011, which equal:
  • Individual $1,200 Deductible / maximum Out of Pocket Expense = $6,050
  • Families $2,400 Deductible /  maximum Out of Pocket expense = $12,100
To avoid taxation, all HSA distributions must be used for qualified medical expenses, which include:
  • Amounts paid for medical care that is not reimbursed by insurance;
  • COBRA health insurance premiums, and Qualified Long Term Care premiums
  • other health insurance premiums, but only if a person is receiving unemployment compensation
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