December 2, 2007

Long Term Care Insurance - Can you afford not to have it?

The New York Life Insurance company announced that they have recently completed a nationwide study, learning that the average cost of nursing home care was about 3% higher this year than in 2006, while home health care costs were up 12%. The average cost of a private U.S. nursing home room with a single occupant climbed to $209 a day, or $76,322 per year.

CareScout, a research arm of National Eldercare Referral Systems Inc., Wellesley, Mass., compiled the figures for New York Life by gathering data from about 3,000 nursing homes in 120 metropolitan areas.

>> The average private room rate increased by $5.36 per day, or $1,956 per year.
>> The cost of a semiprivate room, with double occupancy, rose to an average of $185 a day, or $67,554 a year.
>> The average semi-private room rate rose by $5.27 per day, or $1,924 per year.
>> The hourly rate for a home health aide hired from a Medicare-certified agency is averaging $37.36 per hour, up about 12%.

According to the study, the highest daily rates for private nursing home rooms in the U.S. were:
#1) Alaska: $407. #2) Southern Connecticut: $348. #3) Connecticut Valley: $322. #4) Hudson Valley, New York: $318. #5) Boston area: $299.
Rates are expected to increase as our population ages.

To protect your assets and families estate - financial advisors recommend that a quality Long Term Care Insurance policy be apart of your overall financial plan and risk management program. Can you afford not to protect yourself?

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