March 31, 2008

Health Insurance Companies Recognize Cyber Doctors

How many times have you felt under the weather, but you don't go see the doctor because of the "hassle factor". First you will have to clear your schedule, possibly call in late to work and make the trip to the medical center. You know it's the flu - everyone has it. You arrive, sign in, pay your office co-payment charge and after waiting in the doctors office or urgent care system for almost an hour (if you pick the right time), the doctor will likely see you for 2-4 minutes. He replies "Yep - it's the flu".

Recently a few health insurance companies have been experimenting with the idea of "cyber doctor visits". These doctor house calls are usually at your convenience and over the phone. When you know that "it's the flu", it is not uncommon for the doctor to diagnose your situation and prescribe an antibiotic or other common medicine within a few minutes. He/she will call in your Rx order and you soon feel better.

Insurance companies recognize that these cyber doctors will encourage you to seek early treatment and reduce the high costs of office visits. While many doctors are complaining that their business will suffer, others embrace the idea. These doctors believe that they will be more efficient and be able to provide quality care over quantity patient count.

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