March 29, 2008

Health Insurance - You can die without it

The number of American's without Health Insurance continues to grow, while the number of companies offering comprehensive benefits to their employees decline. There are far too many people who die everyday from illnesses and diseases, many conditions that could have been detected early, treated or prevented with proper health insurance coverage.

We buy car insurance, home owners protection and other types of coverages ( because the state or creditors require it) , meanwhile millions of American's do not buy health insurance because they believe the cost is too expensive. But we have no problem eating out daily or paying four bucks for a cup of coffee - go figure.
Others avoid buying health insurance because they believe it is to difficult to understand, or they are afraid of making the wrong choice. Others simply don't want the hassle of interviewing insurance agents across the kitchen table until the right person and plan comes forward.

There is an affordable health insurance solution. Online insurance services now allow you to shop the insurance marketplace, compare plan features and apply online. Services such as QuoteBroker can help you sort this information by insurance name, deductible, plan type or premium. Plans can be compared in a simple side by side report that easy to understand and compare against other carriers. Within minutes you can sort and select a plan that is best for you. This unbiased approach to shopping let's you view all popular plans available in your city or state, each company competing for your business.

If health insurance is important to you, there have been many new plans that have been introduced to the marketplace that offer higher deductibles for the "big" expenses, but offer features at little or no cost to visit the doctor for office visits, health screenings, annual physicals and more. Try shopping for insurance online today.