March 26, 2008

What about Long Term Care ?

Long term care isn't just for the elderly. Long term care is required when you are unable to independently perform everyday activities such as bathing, eating, getting dressed or a number of other living activities. An individual with a serious disease, illness or accident could require long term care assistance and these circumstances could happen at any age.

Women are more vulnerable then men because they tend to live longer and are more likely to remain single. Position yourself today against losing your retirement assets, or estate to the high cost of nursing home, home health care or becoming a burden on your family or friends.

Even if a family member provides for your care, he/she will need assistance. Don't count on private health insurance or medicare as these policies usually do not offer any personal care (in some cases in patient nursing care can be covered).

A quality Long Term Care insurance program can prevent you from losing or spending down your assets, or relying on others. Today you have choices - you may not be so lucky if you wait too long. For more information contact QuoteBroker.