January 18, 2010

New Health Plans for California

Anthem Blue Cross has introduced two new healthcare plans to the California marketplace. These products offer additional choices to individuals and families searching for cost efficient strategies for healthcare.

CoreGuard - Effective January 1, 2010

Simple Plan Design with 7 Deductible Options and Lower Premium with Higher Cost Share.

These plans are for clients who take advantage of Anthem Blue Cross’ vast Network of doctors, facilities and centers, this plan offers significant savings through negotiated rates. Members pay 50% of the negotiated rate for most covered services – CoreGuard offers security and protection. For those families that can afford more out of pocket expense on the front end and want the comfort of full coverage in case of a catastrophic event – this plan may be the perfect solution.

CoreGuard delivers a pharmacy benefit that will truly protect. Tier one includes $15.00 co-pays on low cost generic and brand name prescriptions with no deductible. After a $2000 deductible, Tier 2 covers preferred brands for a $35.00 co-pay and Specialty drugs with a 25% coinsurance.

The newest plan available February 1st, 2009 is ClearProtection.

Plan Highlights include benefits 
clients can count on from day one:

> First 2 office visits are covered before the deductible
Clients receive our negotiated rates while meeting their deductibles
Access to our discounted network rates, before meeting the deductible

Once the out-of-pocket maximum is met, clients are covered (in-network only) for most services including:

outpatient care
preventive care
professional services (labs, X-rays, anesthesia)
$15 copayment for generic drugs and brand drug coverage after brand deductible

For more information regarding these plans, or to receive an instant health insurance quote, visit http://www.quotebroker.com/